Kelvin Tan - Experienced Solr consultant

What clients think of my Solr-related work

Kelvin's contributions to our custom needs with Solr have greatly enhanced our ability to operate efficiently with within our search platform. He provided useful insights and recommendations with respect to what options were available to us, stemming from his ability to determine exactly what we were looking for. His work was efficient and reliable, and his contributions remain in use at our organization today.
Anthony Duerr, VP of Engineering

All for Good hired Kelvin to review and make several enhancements to our current Solr based search platform. I thoroughly vetted Kelvin's skills before deciding to work with him so I was not surprised by his expert level knowledge of Solr (especially geospatial search) and the general technical knowledge that he brought to the project.

What was a pleasant surprise is how incredibly thorough, committed, and full of positive energy he is. Before wrapping up his work with us he made sure to fully document everything he had done and made sure we all were completely up to speed on it. He has outstanding technical skills, a great attitude, and excellent communication skills. Nice guy too. I highly recommend Kelvin.
Dan Stryker, Project Manager

How I can help you with Solr

My involvement with clients as a Solr consultant generally revolves around:

  • Mentoring and training in Solr
  • Architecting the search stack
  • Tweaking relevance and weighting algorithms
  • Improving performance and scalability of an existing Solr implementation
  • Implementing spatial search solutions, like (but not restricted to) LocalSolr
  • Custom Solr plugins, like SearchComponents and RequestHandlers, etc
  • Other custom Solr search solutions

Stuff I've done recently in Solr