Kelvin Tan

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Profile: Independent Java Software Consultant

Skills: Experienced in listening to what clients need and translating business needs to technical requirements. Enjoys working independently, or as part of a team. Appreciates the importance of testing, documentation and training/mentoring. Fast and resourceful worker. Loves challenges. Certified ScrumMaster.

Willing to do what it takes to get the job done. Available for remote and onsite work, short assignments and long-term projects.

I am passionate about programming, work quickly and am persistent in finding solutions to complex problems.




Recent Work

Vertical search provider -

Used: Java, Lucene, Nutch, Webwork2, Spring Framework, Hibernate

Services rendered:

Vertical search provider -

Used: Java, Lucene, Nutch

Services rendered:

Vertical search provider -

Used: Java, Lucene, PHP, XSLT

Services rendered:

German Healthcare software provider -

Used: Java, Spring Framework, Hibernate, WebWork2, SiteMesh, BeanShell, XMLHttpRequest

Services rendered:

Singaporean Knowledge Management software provider -

Used: Java, Lucene, Velocity, Hibernate, WebDAV, WebWork 1.3, Avalon Framework (now defunct), Turbine Fulcrum, Torque

Services rendered:

Projects and Publications

Developed Basis, an open-source project providing commonly-required components such as user management, login/authentication, role-based access management/authorization and Hibernate support classes.

Developed AsTMa= -> XTM converter, using JavaCC and Topic Maps for Java.

Active participant in Jakarta Apache open-source projects, committer of Jakarta Apache Lucene Sandbox, initial author of Jakarta Commons Configuration's XMLConfiguration and Jakarta Lucene's MultiFieldQueryParser. Author and maintainer of Lucene Sandbox's Javascript query validator and query constructor which were mentioned in Lucene in Action. Contributed patches to various Apache projects like Commons Digester and Turbine.


I speak and write fluent English and Mandarin (Chinese), and am currently conversant in German.

I have excellent language and writing skills, represented Singapore at the 2002 WFDF Ultimate Frisbee Championships, have a black belt in Ki-Aikido and founded the Internet Club at National Junior College (Singapore).

My Myers-Brigg test result, taken on 29 Feb 2004 at is INFP (Introverted - 22% Intuitive-44% Feeling-11% Perceiving-22%)

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