Previously, I blogged about connecting Redis to Solr for relevance boosting via a custom FunctionQuery. Now, I'll talk about doing the same with MongoDB.

In solrconfig.xml, declare your ValueSourceParser.

<valueSourceParser name="mongo" class="org.supermind.solr.mongodb.MongoDBValueSourceParser">
  <str name="host">localhost</str>
  <str name="dbName">solr</str>
  <str name="collectionName">electronics</str>
  <str name="key">userId</str>
  <str name="idField">id</str>

The host, dbName and collectionName parameters are self-explanatory.

The key parameter is used to specify how to match for a MongoDB doc. The idField parameter declares the Solr field used for matching.

Here's the ValueSourceParser.

span class="st0">"host""idField""dbName""collectionName""key"

Here's the interesting method in MongoDBValueSource.


You can now use the FunctionQuery mongo in your search requests. For example: