If you've ever found yourself downloading a large file in Google Chrome (like the 700MB Ubuntu distro) and had either Chrome or the OS crash, read on to find out how to recover and resume the download using wget

First, go to the folder where Chrome saves your downloads. For me, its ~/Downloads and list all files with .crdownload extension

cd ~/Downloads
ls *.crdownload

In my case, I was trying to download a Slax distro, so ls reported


Now rename the file, removing the .crdownload extension.

mv slax-6.1.2.iso.crdownload slax-6.1.2.iso

Then get wget to continue the download for you!

wgetcontinue http://nimue.fit.vutbr.cz/slax/SLAX-6.x/slax-6.1.2.iso



this works on Windows too! Just rename the file in Windows Explorer and use wget for Windows.