Basis is an open-source project providing commonly-required components such as user management, login/authentication, role-based access management/authorization and Hibernate support classes.

The data models are derived from The Data Model Resource Book by Len Silverton and adapted for Hibernate.

Unlike other open-source projects, Basis was never meant to be used as-is, but rather as a starting point for your individual project needs.

Current version : 0.1-alpha
Notes: 01-alpha is complete, but not release-quality. Still, do take it for a trial run.

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Basis is released under the BSD license (includes software from the Apache foundation).

Big thanks to Gesakon GmBH for sponsoring development of Basis, and generously allowing it to be open-sourced.

There is quite some code providing a web-based UI using WebWork/Velocity which is not ready for release yet.
Test cases exist, but they're pretty out-dated!