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Properly unit testing scrapy spiders

Posted by Kelvin on 20 Nov 2014 | Tagged as: crawling, Python

Scrapy, being based on Twisted, introduces an incredible host of obstacles to easily and efficiently writing self-contained unit tests: 1. You can't call multiple times 2. You can't stop the reactor multiple times, so you can't blindly call "crawler.signals.connect(reactor.stop, signal=signals.spider_closed)" 3. Reactor runs in its own thread, so your failed assertions won't make it […]

Definitive guide to routing Android and Genymotion traffic through a socks proxy

Posted by Kelvin on 16 Nov 2014 | Tagged as: android, programming

If you only need to route traffic on Android through a ssh tunnel (not proxy), just use If all you need to do is to inspect network traffic, you can use Wireshark on Genymotion. If however, you're on Genymotion and/or need to get Android traffic through a proxy, especially if you're trying to conduct […]

Send response to client in PHP and continue processing

Posted by Kelvin on 03 Feb 2014 | Tagged as: PHP

Here's one way to send and close the connection to the client and for the PHP script to continue processing, presumably to perform some processing that is time-consuming: <?php ob_end_clean(); header("Connection: close\r\n"); header("Content-Encoding: none\r\n"); ignore_user_abort(true); // optional ob_start(); echo ('Text user will see'); $size = ob_get_length(); header("Content-Length: $size"); ob_end_flush();     // Strange behaviour, will […]

Mapping alt-pgup and alt-pgdown to home and end in ubuntu

Posted by Kelvin on 12 Nov 2013 | Tagged as: Ubuntu

On my Lenovo T530 laptop, the PgUp and PgDown keys are right next to the arrow keys, which makes for very smooth code navigation. Unfortunately, the Home and End keys are far away, above the Backspace key to be precise. Here's how to map Alt + PgUp -> Home and Alt + PgDown -> End […]

[SOLVED] gedit Invalid byte sequence in conversion input

Posted by Kelvin on 07 Nov 2013 | Tagged as: Ubuntu

I've been tearing my hair out lately trying to open UTF-8 encoded text files in gedit (Ubuntu 12.04). For some reason, the auto charset detection mechanism is broken. Opening the same files using gvim or leafpad just works. Googling for a solution didn't help either. Well, I found the fix. What you need to do […]

[solved] Tomcat 6 UTF-8 encoding issue

Posted by Kelvin on 08 Oct 2013 | Tagged as: programming

If after following all the instructions in the Tomcat docs for enabling UTF-8 support ( and you still run into UTF-8 issues, and your webapp involves reading and displaying the contents of files, give this a whirl. In, either at the top of the file or after the long comments, insert this: export CATALINA_OPTS="$CATALINA_OPTS […]

Phrase-based Out-of-order Solr Autocomplete Suggester

Posted by Kelvin on 16 Sep 2013 | Tagged as: Lucene / Solr / Elastic Search / Nutch

Solr has a number of Autocomplete implementations which are great for most purposes. However, a client of mine recently had some fairly specific requirements for autocomplete: 1. phrase-based substring matching 2. out-of-order matches ('foo bar' should match 'the bar is foo') 3. fallback matching to a secondary field when substring matches on the primary field […]

Guava Tables

Posted by Kelvin on 13 Sep 2013 | Tagged as: programming

Just discovered Guava's Table data structure. Whoa..! Table<Vertex, Vertex, Double> weightedGraph = HashBasedTable.create(); weightedGraph.put(v1, v2, 4); weightedGraph.put(v1, v3, 20); weightedGraph.put(v2, v3, 5); weightedGraph.row(v1); // returns a Map mapping v2 to 4, v3 to 20 weightedGraph.column(v3); // returns a Map mapping v1 to 20, v2 to 5  

Custom Solr QueryParsers for fun and profit

Posted by Kelvin on 09 Sep 2013 | Tagged as: Lucene / Solr / Elastic Search / Nutch

In this post, I'll show you what you need to do to implement a custom Solr QueryParser. Step 1 Extend QParserPlugin. public class TestQueryParserPlugin extends QParserPlugin {   public void init(NamedList namedList) {   }   @Override public QParser createParser(String s, SolrParams localParams, SolrParams params, SolrQueryRequest req) {     return new TestQParser(s, localParams, params, […]

High-level overview of Latent Semantic Analysis / LSA

Posted by Kelvin on 09 Sep 2013 | Tagged as: Lucene / Solr / Elastic Search / Nutch, programming

I've just spent the last couple days wrapping my head around implementing Latent Semantic Analysis, and after wading through a number of research papers and quite a bit of linear algebra, I've finally emerged on the other end, and thought I'd write something about it to lock the knowledge in. I'll do my best to […]

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